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Carpet Cleaning for Your Business

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford offers more to our local businesses than restoration during large events from fire or water damage.  Our cleaning and restoration professionals are happy to help with your everyday business needs such as carpet cleaning.  We have offered this service to many homes and businesses in our local area, and our customers are happy to see their carpets looking brand new. 

Before your carpets need our services, there are actions you can take to keep them looking clean on your own.  To maintain the look and cleanliness of your carpets, vacuuming should be done regularly.  Other steps you can take to keep your carpets looking new include stain removal, pilating the carpet to prevent matting, moving furniture around to change traffic patterns, and using mats to limit the amount of soil on the carpet.

If your carpets require more attention to meet your business needs, contact us at (610) 268-8620. 

To learn more about our carpet cleaning services, click here.

Signs of Winter Storm Damage

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

With winter approaching, there’s often more to worry about than shoveling snow.  Winter storms and temperatures can cause extensive damage to your home, but SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford is ready to help if you experience a winter disaster from common issues including the following.

Frozen Pipes

Brisk temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and break, which can lead to flooding in your home.

Ice Dams

When snow melts unevenly and freezes at the edge of your roof, an ice dam is created which prevents melted snow from draining off of the roof.  The water can then leak under the shingles and into the home and cause significant water damage.

Roof Damage

Snow and ice can damage your roof and even cause the roof to collapse if enough weight has accumulated.  Water can get into cracks and expand when it freezes, causing larger cracks.

Winter can be an extremely dangerous time for your home. Be sure to check the pipes and roof of your property for signs of potential water damage and warning signs.  If you experience a storm disaster, SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford can restore your home “Like it never even happened”. Call us at (610) 268-8620.

What You Should and Shouldn't Do with Water Damage

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

When you experience a water loss, you may feel stressed and confused on what to do to prevent further damage to your home.  SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford is here to help when a water disaster strikes, but there are actions you can take on your own to minimize damages.

Helpful Tips

  • Remove excess water by mopping and blotting.
  • Wipe water damage from wood furniture.
  • Remove and prop wet furniture and pillow cushions for even drying.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • Turn your air conditioner on for more efficient drying if your loss occurs in the summer.
  • Remove rugs from wet carpeting.
  • Place valuables in a safe, dry place.

Actions to Avoid

  • Do not leave wet fabrics in place.  Instead, dry them immediately.
  • Do not leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet carpets or floors.
  • Never use a standard vacuum to remove the water.
  • Avoid using televisions or other electronics while standing on wet carpets or floors.
  • If the ceiling is wet, do not turn on ceiling fans or lights.  Avoid rooms where ceilings are sagging from water.

A water disaster can strike when we least expect it, but you can help prevent extensive damages to your home by following these actions.  SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford can help with the rest.  Our water restoration professionals are fully equipped and prepared to handle your water loss.  Call us at (610) 268-8620.

What You Should Do if your Washing Machine Floods

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Washing machines use up to thirty gallons of water to clean our clothes on a regular basis.  If this convenient device were to flood, however, there would be extensive water damage to your home.  Disaster can strike when we least expect it, so it’s best to be prepared if you experience this problem. 

How to Fix the Problem

Cut off the electrical power supply to the washer at the fuse box.  Don’t stop the washer or immediately pull the electrical plug since doing so can lead to more flooding and possible electric shock. 

Remove the clothes from the washer and drain them in the sink to remove some of the water from the washer.

Check to see if the washer hoses are leaking water. Tighten the hot and cold water supply hoses, and ensure that the drain hose is properly in place.

Test the washer without laundry or detergent to ensure the problem is solved. 

To prevent your washer from flooding, do not put an excessive amount of laundry in the washer during a cycle, and make sure the machine was not recalled.

A water disaster can stem from a small problem, such as a washer leak.  If you experience any water damage in your home, SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford can handle the loss for you and restore your property “Like it never even happened”.

What are Air Scrubbers?

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that removes particles, gasses, or chemicals from the air in any given area. This equipment draws in air from the surrounding area and passes it through a series of filters to remove dangerous particles in the air.

Air scrubbers are needed when these dangerous particles are present or will be created during the restoration process, such as mold, dust, and asbestos.  When these particles aren’t cleaned up on a carpet or furniture, they can travel into the heating system and spread into the building.  The spread of these contaminants can negatively impact the air quality inside your home.  By utilizing air scrubbers in the restoration process, our restoration professionals create a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your home.

If you suspect any dangerous particles in your home, contact SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford.  We have the proper equipment and expertise to handle any size disaster.

Mold Remediation for a Local Business

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford, we are always ready to help our community with their restoration needs.  We recently got a call from a local business in Kennett Square to fix their mold problem.  The infestation had grown along the wall of the facility and was threatening the business’s ability to stay open. 

We do not take mold issues like this for granted, but instead visited the property immediately to assess the extent of the mold damage.  Our mold remediation professionals then began work right away on removing the mold and cleaning up the structure.  The business was back on its feet in a matter of days, and we were pleased that the business owner was satisfied with our restoration services. To learn more about our mold remediation services, click here.

Commercial Cleaning for Your Business

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Did you know that we also offer commercial cleaning services for businesses?  While SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford can handle any size fire, water or mold disaster, we also offer the everyday services your business needs in order to maintain a clean and safe environment.

We understand how important your business is to you and how even a dirty floor can impact how your company is perceived.  Our cleaning and restoration professionals can help restore your property loss and damages so that your business can continue to prosper.  Our commercial cleaning services include the following:

  • Air ducts and HVAC units
  • Biohazard and Sewage
  • Trauma and Crime Scene
  • Carpet and Upholstery
  • Drapes and Blinds
  • Ceilings, Walls and Hard Floors
  • Odor Removal and Deodorization
  • Vandalism

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford is happy to help your business with your cleaning and restoration needs.  Call us at (610) 268-8620 for more information.

Saving the Day From Black Mold

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

One of our customers in West Grove recently called SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford after she discovered that black mold had grown in her walls.  She was in the process of knocking down her drywall when she came across the infestation and noticed that the drywall was wet as well.  Concerned about the mold damage, she was relieved when our mold remediation professionals visited the property immediately to inspect, repair and restore the walls in her home. 

In addition, we used our advanced containment procedures and air scrubbers to isolate the contaminated area with physical barriers and prevent the mold spores from spreading during the cleanup process. The customer was extremely satisfied with our mold restoration expertise in eliminating the mold from her home.

To learn more about our mold remediation services, click here!

Smoke Dangers in Your Home

11/28/2018 (Permalink)

Often, it’s the smoke that can do more harm than the flames when a fire occurs in a home.  If not properly taken care of, smoke can be left to damage the contents and surfaces of your property. 

Effects of Smoke

Smoke can cause discoloration as well as leave a lingering odor throughout the space.  If left untreated, the smoke can cause further damage to the home’s contents.  Electronics, furniture, clothing and even walls and ceilings can all be damaged.  Although the fire is gone, this substance creates a massive problem for you and your home.

Reducing Damages

To reduce the damages to your home after a fire, open a window to release the smoke from the property.  Turn off any ceiling fans, air conditioners or heating units to prevent the smoke from spreading throughout the home.  Do not attempt to clean the smoke off of surfaces as doing so can lead to more damage if improperly handled.

Smoke can lead to a large problem in your home, but SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford can take care of the damage for you.  Our fire restoration professionals are equipped with the proper equipment and techniques to restore your home to preloss conditions. 

How to Stay Safe During a Winter Storm

11/28/2018 (Permalink)

The winter months are upon us.  Winter storms are common this upcoming time of year and often threaten the safety of our families and homes.  The American Red Cross offers helpful tips to remain safe during a snowstorm. 

  • Stay indoors and wear warm clothes.
  • Listen to your local radio or television station to receive updates on the storm.
  • Bring your pets inside before the storm.
  • Conserve fuel by lowering the thermostat in your home.
  • It is also helpful to close off unused rooms, place towels in cracks under doors, and cover the windows at night.

If you must leave your home during a winter storm,

  • Wear layered clothing.
  • Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from the brisk air.
  • Be aware of signs of hypothermia or frostbite.
  • Look out for icy sidewalks.
  • Use public transportation if possible.

Following these preventative actions will ensure you and your family’s safety during a snowstorm this season.

When a winter storm hits, SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford is “Faster to any size disaster”.  Our storm restoration specialists can handle any size storm, and we offer 24/7 emergency services.