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Mold Can Be Harmful!

4/2/2024 (Permalink)

Mold can take on many appearances and cause various health effects, particularly for those with respiratory conditions.  With the spring weather comes a greater risk of mold growth due to higher levels of moisture and humidity, not to mention the increased likelihood of rainfall.

It is critical to combat mold immediately after it is discovered!  When mold growth is uncertain, we work with several partners for mold testing in order to determine exactly what you’re dealing with and the risks involved.  Stachybotrys or black mold is one of the most hazardous when it comes to your health. 

During the mold remediation process, SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford will conduct various procedures including the containment of the mold-infested areas while the work is completed in addition to utilizing our air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to collect and prevent the spread of mold spores in a given space. 

Each mold situation is unique and poses its own risks.  To help prevent mold, do your best to keep your property dry, and look for signs of water damage or offensive odors that could mean mold is present.  Investing in an air purifier is an effective way to help stop mold in its tracks and ensure a clean and healthy environment.

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford provides mold remediation services for any extent of damage, no matter the risk.  We take the steps necessary to help eliminate all potential harm from your property.

Mold in Lincoln University

3/14/2024 (Permalink)

Mold can take many forms and can often be a hidden enemy, hiding behind walls or in the corners of your property.  When it comes to mold, the key is to act quickly to prevent further damage.

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford recently responded to a home in Lincoln University where mold damage was discovered.  The homeowner had returned from vacation to find mold had formed in the corner of the fireplace.  Upon arrival, our team will discuss any pertinent info with you regarding the mold growth.  Each mold situation has its own traits, and we work to understand the most effective approach for each project.    

Our mold remediation process will then provide the necessary steps to eliminate the mold spores on all affected surfaces.  We utilized our HEPA vacuums to treat the compromised areas.  This equipment captures and removes harmful particles that can pose a health risk to those who are exposed to the mold.

Our professionals also utilize our advanced air scrubbers to help remove even more particles from the air in the space.  Through the use of containment barriers, we prevent mold exposure in unaffected areas of the property.

Once our remediation process is complete and all surfaces and affected content have been properly cleaned and restored, we leave a property much healthier than when we first stepped foot inside.  Often during this process, mold-infested structural elements such as the drywall and baseboards must be removed, but our reconstruction department is always just a call away to put everything back together!

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford provides mold damage services in order to make any extent of damage “Like it never even happened.”   Our team is equipped to act quickly and immediately when it counts!

Water Leak Causes Ceiling and Mold Damage

12/11/2023 (Permalink)

After a slow water leak in this Coatesville home’s basement, the buildup of water eventually caused the ceiling to start falling in addition to causing mold damage.  One of our local insurance offices asked for our assistance with the damages.  Once the leak was fixed, our team visited the home to perform the proper water damage restoration services.

After containing the basement from the rest of the home, the process began with demolition of the affected areas where we tore out the wet insulation and drywall.  Water mitigation was performed, followed by our HEPA treatment.  Our HEPA vacuums are highly resourceful in removing particles such as mold spores from a contained area.

Our air scrubbers were also set for several days.  These negative air machines are used to clean the air in areas affected by mold and other contaminants.  During this process, air pressure is lower in one area of a structure than another, and the air is removed from the space.  The air pressure paired with our containment of the mold-infested areas helps to prevent any harmful spores from entering the safe areas of a home or business.

Additional techniques for keeping everyone involved safe include our anti-microbial cleaning solution for all affected surfaces, including the content involved.  SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford’s team is provided with full PPE to help protect them from any dangerous contaminants.  Our full-face respirator and Tyvek suits help prevent any particles from making contact with the skin.

These safety procedures are followed on our many mold remediation projects.  Once this particular project was complete, our Reconstruction Department completed the restoration process by re-installing the drywall and insulation in addition to painting those interior areas to make it look good as new!

Preventing Mold with the Summer Heat!

9/8/2023 (Permalink)

With the heat of the summer comes a greater chance of humidity and moisture.  This makes areas of our home or business more prone to grow mold.  A property with poor ventilation also restricts the amount of air flow that helps to keep the areas cool.  In these situations, condensation becomes a concern for mold.  Preventative actions you can take to prevent mold include the following:

Keep Humidity In Tact: Keep your home or facility cool.  Make sure there are no openings between your doors and windows to allow warm air to escape into the property.

Circulate Air: Vents should be consistently carrying the air throughout your home to maintain comfortable temperatures and lessen the risk of moisture.  Ensure that your HVAC system is clean and running properly.

Clean Up: Regularly cleaning areas such as your window sills and shower will prevent bacteria and other elements from building up to form mold.  Walls and ceilings with moisture should also be cleaned often to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Clean Appliances: Clean your dishwasher and laundry machine to reduce the risk of moldy bacteria.

Inspect: Look for signs of leaks or water damage.  Areas such as your roof, attic and basement are good places to start!  Should you have an odd or unfavorable smell in those areas, it could mean mold is present.

When you suspect mold, SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford can visit your property to assess the areas, determine the best plan of action and perform mold removal services.  Before getting overwhelmed with what to do next, give us a call to lift the burden off of your shoulders!

Mold: The Hidden Enemy

4/3/2023 (Permalink)

Mold comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, but it is typically not as scary as it looks.  SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford discovered this interesting mold formation in an Avondale home while we were performing services for the sewage that had entered the property.  When our crew removed the drywall to find this growth hidden behind the wall, we realized that this restoration project would be much more extreme.

Mold can be difficult to remove, and it can also spread quickly throughout a property.  In as little as 48 hours, you can have a much larger problem on your hands!  Should your home or business have any extent of mold damage, give us a call for a free estimate!  Our air scrubbers and advanced remediation and cleaning techniques will take care of the issue for you in order to ensure that there are no health risks in the structure.   SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford also provides 24/7 services for emergencies in our area!

Mold in Nottingham

12/27/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford can remove any extent of mold in your commercial or residential property.  We handle mold growth based on each unique circumstance, including how vastly and quickly the mold has spread.  We take these factors into account when determining the best plan of action for your property.

Mold can potentially cause a health risk to those who are exposed, so there are some details to consider when completing mold remediation.  This is also why we use a containment barrier during each remediation project in order to contain the mold where it has grown while preventing any mold spores from traveling to other parts of a structure.

A home in Nottingham was affected in its own unique way by mold damage.   The mold had spread into several areas of the property, causing gnats to overwhelm those areas as well.  Although this mold damage situation was unpleasant, it was easily reversible, thanks to our mold remediation professionals.  Our team was careful to remove any signs of growth or mold spores in the air so that the home could be restored good as new!

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford provides mold remediation services throughout Southeastern PA, and we will work with you and your insurance provider to determine the extent of your coverage for the damage.  When it comes to the discovery of mold, the next steps are often stressful for the property owner, which is why our team always listens to the concerns of our customers and takes them into account while treating and restoring the affected areas.

Toughkenamon Mold Damage

12/16/2022 (Permalink)

When you discover mold in your home or business, it can be quite alarming since it comes unexpectedly and in many different forms. Fortunately, most types of mold are pretty harmless.  However, if left uninterrupted, the mold can continue to grow and affect an entire structure, causing overwhelming damage.  At the first sight of mold, SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford advises that you call a professional for an initial assessment and possibly a mold test in order to determine the best plan of action for your particular situation.

A homeowner in Toughkenamon discovered this mold growth in her basement and immediately called us to resolve the issue.  The mold had begun to take the appearance of mushrooms, indicating that the mold damage had been there for a period of time.

Like many other mold remediation projects, our IICRC-certified team assessed both forms of mold damage before placing equipment on site.  During this process, our team sets a containment barrier between the affected and non-affected areas of a structure and then removes any necessary interior components, such as the drywall, trim, and baseboards.  We set our air scrubbers in the space for a minimum of three days in order to capture all mold spores in the air while we continue to eliminate all other signs of mold growth.  The areas are thoroughly cleaned with anti-microbial and anti-fungal cleaning agents, helping to ensure that the damaged areas are fully safe and healthy.

Mold damage can be scary, but SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford is here to help guide you through the process while we get your property back to normal!

Hidden Mold in Kennett Square

9/8/2022 (Permalink)

A mold contamination is often easy to spot, but it can also be hidden after factors such as prior water damage.  This mold was hidden behind the wall panels in a Kennett Square rental property.

Mold damage can form quite differently, but the mold remediation process remains almost the same in order to help fully destroy all signs of mold, including the spores in the air.  The process begins with building a containment or decontamination chamber which separates the mold-infested areas of a building from the rest of the property.  This will help to prevent mold spores from entering additional areas and therefore keep the contamination in one place during the removal process.

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford completed demolition services for the property, including removing the affected drywall and insulation.  Our air scrubbers and HEPA vacs collect and trap the mold spores in the space, and they typically run for one to three full days, based on the extent of the damage.  Once all signs of mold are removed, we thoroughly clean all areas with our anti-fungal and anti-microbial treatment in order to help fully provide a safe and healthy environment.  The containment area is then removed, leaving the property restored to preloss conditions.

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford provides mold remediation services for any extent of mold damage to your property.  Our initial assessment will provide a thorough inspection of the affected areas, and our team will help you through the entire process and any potential future issues.

Rain Causes Mold Damage

3/25/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford recently visited a local home in Chester County after the property had suffered substantial mold damage.  During periods of heavy rainfall, water finds its way into the home’s garage ceiling in addition to several other areas of the structure.

Our restoration team removed the wet insulation and drywall in the affected areas, followed by utilizing our advanced equipment to help remove any signs of mold damage.  During this process, we use air scrubbers to catch mold particles and other harmful contaminants in the air.  Once the structure was dry and the process of mold remediation completed, our professionals applied an environmentally friendly anti-microbial cleaning agent to the damaged areas.

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford offers mold remediation services for any extent of mold damage in the Southeastern PA area.  Our team provides services for mold, storm, fire and water damage.  These services follow the guidelines set forth by organizations such as OSHA and the IICRC.

Storm Causes Mold Damage in Coatesville

12/22/2021 (Permalink)

The storm damage left behind by Hurricane Ida was extensive throughout the Chester County region.  SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford helped to recover over 150 local homes and businesses from the significant flooding and structural damages they faced.  Recently, our team also received calls for mold damage due to the effects of the storm.  One homeowner in Coatesville who suffered severe storm damage had attempted to restore the home on his own.  However, the damage made a comeback when mold began to form and take over the entire property.  While the water had been removed from the premises, not all signs of water damage had been eliminated, causing what was left behind to grow into drastic mold growth.

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford recommends hiring a certified restoration professional to thoroughly complete storm restoration services in order to prevent a mold issue after a large storm event or any type of water-related damage.  Our restoration team quickly handled the mold contamination for the homeowner by removing all signs of mold growth.  In situations like this, we use our advanced air movers to fully remove all signs of hidden water.  We also utilize our air scrubbers in order to thoroughly remove harmful contaminants in a property.  This includes the removal of mold spores in the air which can cause respiratory and other health issues for those on the premises if not handled properly.

SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford can handle any extent of mold damage for residential and commercial properties in Southern Chester County.  We specialize in advanced cleaning protocols to ensure all signs of mold are fully eliminated from your home or business.  We are proud to serve our local community with services including mold remediation, fire and water damage, biohazard cleanup and reconstruction.

Water and Mold Damage in Landenberg

11/1/2019 (Permalink)

A homeowner in Landenberg called us after they had a leak in their basement.  Water had extensively affected the carpet and drywall.  After attempting to have insurance take care of the issue with no success, the water damage had spread, causing mold to grow as well.  Our water mitigation and mold remediation specialists know situations like this all too well.  We know how critical it is to properly stop the damages before they can get worse.

We spent days working on the property in order to successfully remove all signs of water and mold damage from the affected areas.  The homeowner was extremely satisfied with our services and even decided to use us for our duct cleaning service as well.  We are currently working on repairs in order to fully restore the home and make this unexpected water damage "Like it never even happened."

Mold Remediation for a Local Business

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford, we are always ready to help our community with their restoration needs.  We recently got a call from a local business in Kennett Square to fix their mold problem.  The infestation had grown along the wall of the facility and was threatening the business’s ability to stay open. 

We do not take mold issues like this for granted, but instead visited the property immediately to assess the extent of the mold damage.  Our mold remediation professionals then began work right away on removing the mold and cleaning up the structure.  The business was back on its feet in a matter of days, and we were pleased that the business owner was satisfied with our restoration services. To learn more about our mold remediation services, click here.

Saving the Day From Black Mold

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

One of our customers in West Grove recently called SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford after she discovered that black mold had grown in her walls.  She was in the process of knocking down her drywall when she came across the infestation and noticed that the drywall was wet as well.  Concerned about the mold damage, she was relieved when our mold remediation professionals visited the property immediately to inspect, repair and restore the walls in her home. 

In addition, we used our advanced containment procedures and air scrubbers to isolate the contaminated area with physical barriers and prevent the mold spores from spreading during the cleanup process. The customer was extremely satisfied with our mold restoration expertise in eliminating the mold from her home.

To learn more about our mold remediation services, click here!

Where Does Mold Hide?

10/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can lurk behind any corner of your home, but the mold remediation specialists at SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford know just where to look to stop the spread of mold before it starts.

In Pantries and Refrigerators 

Food scraps can grow old and begin to rot and grow mold that can spread across the surface inside of a pantry, refrigerator, or any dark, moist space.  Make sure to maintain food fresh and sealed to prevent mold contamination in these areas.

Laundry Rooms

Damp clothes, a humid atmosphere, and often leaks or condensation around washers and dryers can result in mold.

In the Bathroom 

Bathrooms have significant amounts of water, often humid air, and are dark for most hours of the day. Mold can form in cabinets or on towels and clothes. Shower curtains, plain wooden walls, tiles, and floors can hide bacteria.

Behind Walls and Ceilings 

Mold growth is usually caused when a pipe leaks or bursts and dampens the wood surrounding it. Mold then grows in places where it’s out of view and inside the walls. Mold will spread quickly damaging and weakening your home. If you have had a recent water damage in your home, make sure to test the walls for possible mold.

If you suspect mold in your home, contact SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford.  Our mold remediation experts are equipped with the expertise and resources to recover your mold disaster quickly.  Call us at (610) 268-8620.

Preventing Mold in the Winter

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

Now that the temperature is dropping, you may start to wonder what you can do to keep your home healthy and prepared for the colder months.  While mold does not occur more frequently in the winter compared to other times of the year in a controlled indoor setting, there are problems to look out for in the colder months that can affect the moisture in your home and cause mold growth.  Common winter problems including frozen pipes and improper insulation can lead to more than simply a cold home. 

Mold can be a scary concept to any homeowner, but here are some steps you can take to prevent mold from growing due to the brisk temperatures.  Ensure that your gutters are clear to help prevent ice from building up and that your dehumidifiers are running in lower levels of your home.  Check that your attic and any pipes in your crawl spaces are insulated to help prevent pipe bursts or condensation.  Following these procedures will keep your home properly insulated and free of mold caused by uncontrolled moisture levels. 

If you have any questions about mold, contact SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford at (610) 268-8620.  Our mold remediation experts can handle any size mold disaster.

Mold Remediation at a Local Medical Facility

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

After the staff at a medical facility in Kennett Square noticed mold in their building, they immediately called the restoration experts at SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford to fix the problem.  In order to sustain their business and be available to customers on a daily basis, the mold had to be removed quickly and safely.  Fortunately, our highly trained mold remediation technicians at SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford were ready to help.

After extensively inspecting the property for mold and assessing the problem, we contained the contaminated area in order to prevent the mold growth from spreading.  We then used our air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to capture the mold spores out of the air.  Once the mold was captured, antifungal and antimicrobial treatments were used to destroy any residual mold left behind and to help prevent others from resurfacing.  We removed the odors left behind by the growth and restored the walls of the facility to their original form.

How To Stop Black Mold in Your Home

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

When mold strikes, the last thing you want to do is spread it throughout your home.  Even though mold loves moisture and typically festers in wet, warm areas, spores from spreading mold can easily travel from one room to another via air movement.  There are certain places and things in your home that should be frequently checked and thoroughly cleaned to keep mold at bay. These include the following:

  • Moldings around windows and doors
  • Musty basements
  • Humidifiers
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Surfaces surrounding air conditioners
  • Refrigerator door seals
  • Shower stalls and curtains

Taking care of moisture issues is one of the best ways to prevent mold from starting and growing.  If you’re past the prevention stage, it is vital that you stop spreading mold at the first sign of a problem with professional mold remediation.

Leave Black Mold to the Professionals

While doing it on our own may be the way to go with some home projects, getting rid of a mold infestation isn’t one of them.  Trying to take care of such a tricky substance by yourself often does more harm than good since the spores that move through the air are virtually undetectable by the naked eye.  The mold remediation experts at SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford are thoroughly trained to prevent the spreading of black mold.  They have both the tools and the skills to get your home back to normal from start to finish.  Some of these steps include the following:

  • Performing initial inspections
  • Filtering the air in your home
  • Containing the mold
  • Removing damaged and diseased materials
  • Repairing and restoring your home to its original condition

Because mold spores move quickly through the air and multiply on almost any surface they land on, it’s important that you stop the spread of mold in your home quickly and meticulously. Don’t let the thought of mold stop you in your tracks.  With mold remediation, you can have your home and peace of mind back in no time. 

Should you experience mold in your home, contact SERVPRO of Kennett Square/Oxford and we will handle the problem for you.